GroupHolla Facebook App

I've been working on designing an app for Facebook which enables users to set reminders for special events and allow them to record a 15 second video then invite their friends to do the same; the app will then stitch all the videos together and send it on the desired date to the person who has an event coming up.

I set out to create a logo that would convey that there are many people coming together and connecting with each other to send the same message to one special person. I chose to use semi transparent colouring to show how the layers could connect and give it a playful feel.
I decided to go with this one here I felt it captured the message I wanted to convey the most. And after going through many fonts this one here spoke to me the most.

A preview of the interface, since the app would be very content heavy with many pictures and video I decided to use black, grays and white so it wouldn't clash. 


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